Titanium Network's services can be utlized either by hosting manually or using the officially hosted services. These servies such as Holy Unblocker or Incognito can be obtained in the TN Discord with a brief overview on the Services.

Web Proxy Services

In order to use a web proxy site, you would simply obtain any of our official domains (URLS/mirrors) from the Titanium Network discord.

Example Mirror/URL:

Then you would just simply access the mirror URL on any modern browser, enter in a site within the search engine on the proxy site and enjoy unblocked content!


A repository of methods/exploits (found in the TN discord) maintained by Titanium Network you can employ enabling you to bypass restrictions!

These exploits range from WebView bypasses, Extension bypasses, chromeOS vulnerabilities, Windows elevation bypasses, and most web filter bypasses.

The most specialized part of Titanium Network would lastly be the development of Bookmarklets which can be used to exploit either extension bypasses to simply history flooding tools.


If you wish to setup any of Titanium Network's services please check out here.